Grow your client base and support more people in overcoming issues and making positive changes through Therapy Tech.

Use Therapy Tech to find and connect with clients and deliver sessions to them, all in one place. You do not need a website, a new software, or a marketing budget to do all that. With Therapy Tech, we help you build and grow your practice!


Make your personal brand and services known.

As a Therapy Tech therapist, you have the power and expertise to change people's lives for the better. If you want to expand your reach and provide a solution-focused therapy to more people, Therapy Tech is the right place for you.

Set yourself up in minutes and be on your way to using your expertise in helping others.

Set up your profile

As a student in training, you will have a dedicated Therapy Tech profile that will be visible to the clients who register on the platform. Set up your profile with information about yourself, including how you can help, who you would like to work with, and your availability. 

Connect with clients

Once you have set up your profile on the backend of our platform, client's can start booking your service directly on Therapy Tech. To do that, we ask clients to complete a form with questions about their situation and what they would like to achieve from their therapy journey.

When you confirm a booking from a client, you can start sessions with them immediately. You can also use the platform to send files and take payments.


Flexibility is critical to ensure positive outcomes working with Therapy Tech clients. Consult with clients as and when you are available. You get to decide the amount of time you can commit each day. Travelling for a few weeks? Not an issue. Set your profile to not available.


With more clients coming your way and increased exposure coming from our platform, more people would want to work with you to solve their issues efficiently. That is how you establish your credibility, which in the long run will allow you to build a meaningful relationship, strengthen your commitment to the practice, grow your referrals, and make you an authentic and leading therapist.


As someone new in the therapy profession, it is always helpful to have a way for clients to find you. That is what Therapy Tech is all about. We provide you with an active profile on our platform that clients can easily explore and use to book sessions with you. We do all the marketing so you can grow your client base.


Therapy Tech's team is here 24/7 to support you on your journey to building and growing your practice as a therapist and helping you connect with as many clients as possible.

Be Part of Therapy Tech's Growing Network of Qualified Therapists

Various therapy modalities are gaining worldwide popularity and acceptance. Thanks to their effectiveness in providing sustainable and permanent results. Unsurprisingly, more and more people are looking for qualified therapists who can support them in achieving positive transformations in their life. Therapy Tech is here to assist you in connecting with more clients for your practice.


Ready to to deliver therapy that offers quick transformative results? Joining Therapy Tech is the fastest way to find and connect with clients and see your practice succeed.

Therapy Tech has numerous qualified therapists in our platform and the numbers are growing. Why not join us today? To help you get the most from our platform and deliver the best therapy sessions to your clients, we have come up with this FAQ to guide you.

Many people from all walks of life use Therapy Tech to find, book sessions, and connect with therapists.

We do not place a hard limit on the number of client bookings you will accept. However, you must accommodate all the clients whose bookings you already accepted to avoid cancellations.

Not necessarily. We do accept students who are training to become therapists in our platform, giving them the opportunity to build their experience. However, you will also find it to your advantage if you have relevant therapy experience, as many clients prefer working with seasoned therapists.

You will access a powerful marketing platform to find and book clients. You can set your rates and take payments. We do all the marketing for you, and all communication will be done in one place so you can focus on growing your client base.

No. we charge $49 a month to be a member on the platform and 2.5% of the sale value.

If you charge $400 a session, you will pay 2.5% of $400, which is $10.

Yes. You will most likely need to use Zoom to conduct and complete video call sessions with clients.

Yes, you will. Our team specialises in marketing and client development, allowing us to assist our partner therapists in growing their practice. Most therapists who join us love helping others but usually lack the ability to market their service and find clients. By joining us, you do not need a website, to process payments, or spend thousands on social media or search engine marketing. We will do all the leg work on your behalf so you can focus on providing therapy sessions to your clients.