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Senior Data Analyst
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Hello everyone! My name is Abbey. I'm a data analyst with over 8+ years of experience working in various industries. I started my career in data at a small company called Jumpshot. I then worked for Optimizely as a data analyst and product manager. Currently, I'm with Netflix as a senior data analyst under the marketing analytics department. My team is responsible for understanding how people watch Netflix and helping improve the product to attract more subscribers.

I'm always looking to learn new things, so I've been to several training and bootcamps to improve my skills. I also had my fair share of mentoring, which I found truly inspiring and rewarding. I'm ready to mentor again, which is why I'm here.

I can help you learn how to use different data analytics methods and tools so you can understand the business context of data from different sources. And while at it, I hope to help you build relevant experience in the field through a series of tasks and projects that I personally developed. I'm excited to be your mentor and be part of your journey to becoming a data analyst!

26 reviews

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