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Whether you are an individual or a couple experiencing anxiety, stress or depression reaching out for help is good and courageous. Therapy has the power to connect you more deeply with your inner resources, giving you the tools to cope better and become more successful. As human beings, our universal needs are to feel loved, respected and fulfilled and when these are missing, we can often experience a disconnect with others and ourselves, feel lonely (even when in a relationship), anxious or meaningless. Don't suffer alone, but reach out today! I also offer intercultural psychotherapy for culturally diverse people.

I can help you with what's worrying you, whether it's relationships, career, finances, marriage, divorce, loneliness, race & culture, fear, generalised anxiety, social anxiety, betrayal, emotional abuse and more, With my international and cross-cultural background I also work extensively with people from various cultural and international backgrounds.

Dealing with anxiety, depression or worries on your own is very hard and lonely, and Covid-19 doesn't make things easier either. Talking and sharing your worries with a professional can give you relief and understanding, but it also enables you to connect more with your inner resources so you can deal more successfully with everything. Reach out today!

61 reviews

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