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I work with adult individuals and couples from many different backgrounds They can be in the grip of depression or battling anxiety attacks or the after-effects of traumatic experiences. Often though they come to counselling because they can't shake this nagging feeling that something is going wrong in their life and they can't even put the finger on what exactly that is, but they worry that they are missing something and don't really live their lives to their full potential.

As a BACP accredited person-centred counsellor and psychotherapist, I offer no solutions or fixes. In my experience clients usually know best what to do with their lives, and usually have no shortage of advice and helpful suggestion, but what really helps them is to find a space where they are welcome to talk freely and explore what is going on with them.

I will give you that space and time where you and your worries are welcome. And you will be able to talk through what is going on and explore where that comes from and what it is about. Trying to change often results in stress and confusion, feeling understood allows change if it is needed to happen on its own.

69 reviews

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