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Welcome. I know life can be overwhelming at times, and cause a great deal of distress. This presents in a multitude of ways, sometimes as unhelpful behaviours, or destructive patterns in relationships to others and with ourselves. Maybe you are searching for renewed purpose, depth, and meaning to your life, or trying to make sense of things after a profound loss that has ripped the ground from under you. Therapy can offer the space for growth and exploration, a shift in perspective, more clarity and a better more fulfilling relationship with yourself.

I trained as an integrative psychotherapist and so draw on a number of therapeutic approaches. I am also a mindfulness practitioner and use this approach, particularly when working with past trauma. Working with me will involve talking, but as I am also trained in working with the arts so I may offer invitations to imagine and maybe to create if appropriate.

I have worked as a psychotherapist for a long time and it never ceases to feel like a privilege to walk alongside another and bear witness to their journey. We'll work collaboratively as you are the expert on your own life. My therapy goals are ambitious because I know change is possible, it isn't always easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

51 reviews

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