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Psychotherapy and counselling can help you to gently gain a new perspective on your relationships, without judgement, in a confidential space. Although relational patterns may have served you well in the past, perhaps you feel they are not helpful to you any longer. You may feel that things are just not working out, without ever really understanding why. Perhaps you keep choosing particular people as friends or partners that you know are not healthy but can't resist anyway. Perhaps this makes you feel anxious, depressed or you can't sleep at night and well meaning advice from friends of family doesn't seem to help.

I offer a confidential space where you can think about your life experiences, insight into how they have impacted upon your present day life and thereby enable you to imagine the life you want to lead. Using your imaginative resources can create a new narrative for a re-discovered emotional life that may have felt fragmented and lost for many years.

Therapy can really help with finding new ways of relating to your emotional self and can help you trust your instincts again. This process helps you also build stronger relationships between your instinctual inner life and your capacity to reflect on it. This can lead to experiencing a more fulfilling and creative relationship to yourself, and the world.

201 reviews

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