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In my practice, I have been specialising in anxiety and dread. These symptoms can manifest in many ways and, we will experience them in our unique way. Perhaps you are dealing with relational difficulties, a sense of inadequacy or feeling not good enough. Working from home and managing your personal life might be challenging and at times almost unbearable. Internal and external conflicts and personal crises can also be an opportunity for growth and change if addressed in an empathic way by a non-judgemental other. I will help you transform your symptoms into a meaningful experience and help you alter your self-narrative.

Therapy will help you to build or strengthen inner resources and resilience, enabling you to have a loving relationship with yourself and others. A deeper understanding of your emotional experience and a greater ability to tolerate it. As a therapist I am present and involved in the relationship, sometimes I might gently challenge your thoughts and feelings.

As a relational therapist, I believe that the vessel to any change is an empathic and understanding relationship. Having lived in different countries among numerous cultures, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of my practice. I specialise in all forms of relational difficulties from professional, intimate and family dynamics.

37 reviews

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