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I am a qualified, experienced, and friendly therapist and counsellor, based in Central, East London. I work with individual adults of all ages and support the LGBTQ+ community. My clients experience and bring a broad range of issues to therapy such as anxiety, identity issues, depression, relationships, and trauma. Trauma from our past often impacts our lives in the present and prevents us from moving forward or from being our authentic selves. Therapy cannot change the past, but it can enable us to move forward with increased resilience and can provide us with a solid foundation for lasting changes.

Talking to a qualified therapist can be profoundly insightful and in addition to my private practice, I also work at ELOP (East London Out Project), a charity offering psychotherapy for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Prior to working at ELOP, I worked as an integrative psychotherapist in the NHS with a broad range of clients.

You can either call or email me to arrange the initial meeting which I offer free to allow us both to decide if we are happy working together and we will discuss what it is you want from therapy. Feeling heard by someone who is truly listening can be profoundly healing and make us feel valued and alive.

59 reviews

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