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Like many, I have also experienced and witnessed events that have impacted my life and those around me and know how powerful it can be to have someone there supporting and encouraging you to be your best and most authentic self. More often than not our problems stem from not being heard or feeling judged. As your therapist, I will provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to help guide you towards self-expression & nourishment, encouraging emotional healing & growth. We will return to wounds from your past so we can heal them now, and help you let go of the things that no longer serve you.

I have over 5 years experience of working within the Children, Young People and Families sector and am passionate about empowering individuals to gain a stronger sense of self. I offer long-term therapy (open-ended), which allows the space and time for the relationship to grow and also short-term therapy, which can be a good introduction to counselling.

It’s important for individuals to find a counsellor who they find relatable and comfortable, as this makes the journey a little easier. My delivery matches my personality: I’m curious, humorous, intellectual, reflective, supportive, indirect, challenging and sometimes directive. How else can there be a genuine relationship if I‘m not my authentic self?

42 reviews

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